Bring out Your Story

Do you have a story within you, that keeps haunting you, or tickling you …

It is time to bring it out and share it!


Directed and filmed over 700 original One-Person Shows


Critically acclaimed and Award Winning theatre and film actor


Scripted film and play scripts, a musical and performed three of her own solo pieces


A devoted teacher at USC and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts

over two decades

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Debra De Liso

I am here to help you create performance art out of your own life story to the world!

Actor, dancer, director, writer, choreographer, and teacher has directed over 700 original One-Person Plays at AADA, USC and professionally.


I help people tell their story to the world!

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Debra DeLiso for over 40 years and can confidently say that she is an incredibly talented, knowledgeable, and compassionate artist. As an Emmy Award-winning writer, I have greatly benefited from Debra's guidance and input, both professionally and personally. She is a skilled actress, director, and writer with a deep understanding of craft and human nature.

Debra's impact extends beyond the stage and into the world at large. For example, she has worked with incarcerated women, using performance art to help them rediscover their self-worth and self-expression. Her expertise in crafting thought-provoking and entertaining one-person shows, drawing on the experiences of her collaborators, is a testament to her ability to guide others to their creative peak.

What sets Debra apart is her eagerness to share her hard-earned knowledge and impressive background with students worldwide, through her online presence. Her wisdom gained from years of experience on stage and in life will undoubtedly benefit individuals from all walks of life. I am grateful to have worked with Debra and have no doubt she will continue to inspire and uplift those she works with for years to come."

Brooks Wachtel

Emmy Award winner writer/producer/director

Debra De Liso is a wildly successful human being and role model for all those who come in contact with her. Students as well as professional actors, writers, dancers and producers uniformly respect and adore her. She is a consummate performer, mentor, teacher, choreographer, and playwright with more than thirty years of compelling works of art behind her. As a mentor/artist/teacher she is warm, gentle, and firm and has the beautiful quality of sensing and drawing out each performer's strengths and passions, in both actor and dancers a like. This makes for very poignant statements in both verbal and non-verbal mediums. Debra is masterful at creating an environment of safety and freedom for exploration in both beginning and advanced students where finding one's voice is the focus creating substantive works of art is the goal. her as an artist, educator, and mentor. Her solo play about Isadora Duncan was for me a lifetime highlight, a theatrical dance event I will never forget. As her friend, I can attest to her extraordinary spirit and breathtaking humanitarianism. In her presence, one feels calm, hopeful, open, and at ease with the world.

Deb has specific qualities that I have not seen in combination before as an artist/educator and mentor. Her strength, steadfastness, courage, perseverance, patience, and truthfulness are what make her stand out. Her acute "intuneness" with each storyteller, their unique body language, ways of moving, and choice of words allowed her to "read behind the story."

I believe Debra must create a book that explores her singular method of Solo Performance. Without it, the theatre world will miss out on a brilliant addition.

Nancy Wyatt Kupka

Professor Emeritus of Dance EducationDepartment of Music, Theatre and Dance California State University Los Angeles


A woman of extraordinary and multiple talents, Debra De Liso is one of my most valued and admired co-worker and friends. She has astonished me with her work as an actress, a director, a choreographer, and most particularly as a human being of spectacular generosity and caring. I know of no one who has offered her time and talent so genrously to students, other actors, and to the undepriviledged and the disabled. I witnessed her work with inmates in prison, it is inspiring, not only to the inmates- whose lives and motivations she's re-channeled (to their immense gratification) but to the "Arts in Corrections" program itself.

Debra has the rare gift of inspiring novices to open to one another, and to enhance their skills and perceptions by communal sharing. In her theatre productions, what is unforgettable is the respect and devotion wholly attributable to her gentle nurturing on the one hand, and her thorough discipline and professionalism on the other.


professor emeritus of drama at Yale UniversitY, playwright, dramaturg, and scholar

Debra De Liso is a force to be reckoned with! Her course on writing and performing a solo show based on your life story was truly life-changing. From the moment I met Debra, she held my heart in her hands and helped me discover the best version of myself in my writing and performance.

Debra's expertise and devotion to her students are unparalleled. She worked closely with me to develop my story, craft my performance, and produce my show. With her incredible connections and support, I was invited to perform my show, Rotten Apple, at several theater festivals, and Debra even helped me connect with other opportunities to share my story.

As the director of my show, Debra brought out the very best in my performance, helping me shine inside and on stage.

Debra's passion and love for supporting playwrights in developing new works is truly inspiring. With her guidance and support, I was able to win the Hollywood Fringe scholarship, and I know that my life will never be the same thanks to the transformative experience of working with Debra.

Mariela Castillo,

ArtisT & Entrepreneur

I discovered Debra from a one person show I had watched that she had directed. The experience struck a chord in me and I contacted her soon after.

I then joined her workshop with absolutely no idea on what I would be doing. With a blank notebook in hand, I was off and running. Without her guidance and feedback, my show would have been something similar to a “Ted Talk”.

So, off I went to Hollywood Fringe 2021 awarded with an "Encore Performance". And to my surprise, my show “The Ivory Thread” was accepted into UNITED SOLO FEST in NYC at Theater Row winning “Best New York Premiere”. Without a doubt, Debra’s directorial artistry breathed life into my play and into my life. I will be forever grateful for her craft, encouragement and friendship into an experience I never would have thought possible.

Michale J. Gonzales,

Actors & Pianist

A teacher, a mentor, a supporting friend, and an ally. Debra De Liso is all of that at once, and not just for me. She is the real deal, ready to make sacrifices to make you shine.. Patient as only a mother can be, Prof. De Liso doesn’t mold you, and she doesn’t impose either technique or styles. That would be easy. Instead, she gives you the chance to be the best artist you can be, embracing your choices, and staying truthful to yourself. Probably I would have never been able to write and perform my One woman show without her as my director. Even if my career as an actor and as a writer started a long time ago and 6000 miles away, I owe Debra a lot, more than I’ll ever be able to pay back. She helped me to build my confidence as a foreign artist, to improve my acting and to translate my thoughts into “art”.

Barbara Saba,


“I believe the highest calling of an actor is the practice of compassion, only then we can truly step into the shoes of those whose stories we share.

- Debra De Liso